CICS Americas

About Us

We are an ACCREDITED/AUTHORIZED third party audit service provider for SQF, ISO*, SEMS and SASISOPA Management Systems.


Our services are designed to include your team during the entire process, keeping the picture clear at all times and bringing added value risk management to truly affect EHS, quality, and your bottom line.

* CICS Americas Inc. is the certification agent of Lucideon CICS Limited in
the United States and México.

CICS Americas

Our Vision

To be the preferred worldwide assurance provider delivering confidence and value-added services through practical expertise, knowledge, and insight in conducting third-party audits.


Give us a call, get to know our completely different auditing approach.

We are based on a friendly, respectful, and pragmatic auditing approach.

Our auditing approach is designed to strengthen your management system and make your company better, safer, and more environmentally friendly.

Our Experience

Authorized by ASEA and BSEE

CICS Americas is the first and only international auditing firm that has been AUTHORIZED to perform third party audits for both; SEMS in the USA by BSEE and for SASISOPA in Mexico by ASEA.

Competent auditors in USA and Mexico

We have auditors in the US and in Mexico that are fluent in English and Spanish to ensure understanding from all members and levels of your team during an evaluation.

Hydrocarbon industry specialists

We have the most experience in the market in auditing management systems in the hydrocarbon industry having audited on shore as well as offshore facilities all through North America including in the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska waters.

20 years of experience back us

We have over 20 years of experience in the Mexican hydrocarbon industries having performed consulting and auditing work there for PEMEX and many of its subsidiaries.


We are the only company that clearly understands these ASEA requirements while at the same time having experience auditing Safety and Environmental Management Systems in international markets.

Our approach

Just like winning coaches, we will push your management system to become the best it can be

We will maintain an understanding of the ultimate goal, ensuring your system’s effectiveness in achieving the established objectives.


We have worked for mega registrars for whom clients are just a number in a profit and loss statement and whose auditors focus on nitpicking and pulling your management system apart. This is contrary to our approach.