ISO Certification

Certification to ISO standards is the most recognized and accepted method in any industry to demonstrate compliance to a variety of internationally recognized requirements. They are the keys to many markets and clients but getting your system(s) certified does not have
to be a nightmarish and painful experience.


All of the new standards are based on risk management and focus on effectiveness of achieving desired results. In order to take advantage of this more practical approach, you need to engage auditors that understand that effectiveness does not mean paper or paperwork. It means results!

We want your organization to minimize its risks and maximize its opportunities

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ISO Certification

How We Work

Our approach to management systems auditing (be it quality,environmental or health and safety) has always been as representatives to upper management of our clients. That is, we look at operations from the point of view of minimizing risks while adding value to the organization and complying with the requirements of the standards.


We want your organization to minimize its risks and maximize its opportunities – be it quality, environmental performance or keeping your employees and personnel safe and healthy.

ISO Certification

Our Credentials

CICS Americas Inc. is the certification agent of Lucideon CICS Limited in the United States and México. Lucideon and CICS Americas, are private companies and world leaders in certification services with Head Offices in Stoke on Trent, UK and Houston, Texas respectively. Lucideon is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to perform certification services.

Audit processes don’t have to be a headache, let us show you a simpler way