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SASISOPA certification audit

What you need to know about the SASISOPA certification audit

SASISOPA (Industrial, Safety, Operational Safety, and Environmental Protection System) is a set of interconnected and documented elements whose purpose is to prevent, control, and improve an offshore facility's performance in terms of industrial, operational, and environment protection. Objective Systematize, coordinate, and secure...

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ways audits create value for your organization

7 ways audits create value for your organization

For years, management in almost any industry considered audits as an obstacle and a risk for any business operation. This problem had a particular origin: the need for certification as quality control began to be the norm; many companies required...

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corrective actions

What are corrective actions in an audit?

An audit is all about improving. With this in mind, it's reasonable to think that some things need to change after the evaluation. Some businesses may consider it an obstacle, but it couldn't be further from the truth. By taking...

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