About Us

Embracing shared values

CICS Americas Inc, we’re a private third party certification company that has performed certification audits of management systems for over 15 years.

  • Audit Service Providers (ASP) since 2004
  • COS Accredited in 2017
  • BSEE Approved in 2017
  • ASEA Authorized in 2018
  • We have audited over ½ of the total production
    platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.
SQF Certification

SQF Certification

ISO Certification

ISO Certification



IPCMS Certification

IPCMS Certification

A new certification based on our Infection Prevention and Control Management System.

About us

The human approach to systemic thinking

We measure our success by the impact our services have on our stakeholder’s culture and performance.

Our approach

Thorough but never carping

We evaluate the management system, not the individuals, delivering objective and clear findings considering its overall impact.

Our culture

A values-based culture

Helping you adopt certifications as part of your procedures.

In this together

Pledging a safe environment

The “In This Together” mark communicates your organization’s pledge of providing a safe environment within your facility to employees, customers, and visitors.


Infection Prevention and Control Management System

Introducing the first management system for infectious threats. Protocols and guidelines on their own are not enough to guarantee a safe environment. A management system like ours, however, is the key!

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Our Clients

Through the years, we have had the opportunity to work with great companies in our different auditing services. We hope to see you soon, along with our clients.

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